Eco Capital Fx privacy policy
When using our services we process data of our customers (‘’you’’ ‘’your’’ ‘’customers’’). The privacy policy (the ‘’policy”) provides you with the information on how our data is processed.

  1. Who is in control of your personal data and content?
  2. What information do we collect about you and how do we obtain it?
  3. How do we use your personal data?
  4. How do we store your personal data and how are they secured?
  5. To whom do we make your personal data available to?
  6. Do we transfer your data to third party and international organisations?
  7. How can you make use of the data that we collect?
  8. Who is in control of your personal data and content? : The controller of personal data is Eco Capital Fx, with its registered Office at Greater Accra-Ghana.
    Tema Comm.25, First Sky Tower, HFC Estate.
    Zip/Postal Address: GK0165
    GPS Address: GK-0146-6530
    (hereinafter referred to as “we” “our” “our company or controller”) you can contact Eco Capital Fx evaluation as
  9. What information do we collect about and how do we obtain it?: In this section we can read general information about which of your personal data we collect and how we collect it. Detail information on the purposes which we process personal data is given in section … All information on the basics which we can directly or indirectly identified is related to you or your personal data.
    We obtain most of the data we collect about you directly from you in connection with your use of our services, this includes;
    a. Data you provide to us yourself especially when you register to our website, enter information into your user account, participate in our event and projects or when you communicate with us through customer support or social media. These are identification and contact data especially the full name, user name, telephone number, email address, postal address, date of birth, country, password, tax identification number (if you are an entrepreneur). Payment data such as bank details and other data such as communication records of our company or details of any warranty claims.

b. Data that we automatically collect when you use our services. These are data about your device such as (IP address, device type, operating system, browser used) connection provider, website usage browser (date, time, duration and country from which you visited the website) website browsing history and data and the use of our services such as your login and logout information, your account settings, value of fictitious capital of your account currencies and business strategy.

c. Some data about you is provided to us by third party such as providers of trading platform that you choose for use of our services and social networking operators if you decide to link your social networking to an account on the website. This includes:
data about the simulated transactions you have completed (such as the type of financial instrument, time of opening and closing position, amount of investment, profit and loss )and data from social network (user name, profile picture, email address associated with the account on the social network).
For information on how your personal data are processed by trading platform providers to verify how your information are used by social networks, for their own purposes please refer to privacy policy of this social media networks you use.

  1. Use your personal data for the following:
  • Registration and user account.


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