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General Questions

5% daily drown down and 10% max drown down applied to all the account models. visit the TRADING RULES page to learn more.

Yes, you can always request a new account when you lose the account by mistake or unaware situation; however, if you lose the account in a way that our team think you mean to gamble on the account, you will never be able to trade our capital, for example, when you open trade with too bigger lot size your account will be restricted till further information is provided to the management team

NO, because you are trading on a demo account, and we copy all your trades to the Real Funds Account, using the best technology, moreover if you wish to change your password, simply contact the live chat on our website or send an email to to request for a password change, it will be done during working hours

No, you are not allowed to change the investor password because this password is what we use to connect the account to the software

No, there is no deadline, the account is yours to trade forever, all you need to do is to adhere to the trading objective as your guide
We take 48 hours maximum waiting time , this is due to the demand of an account, moreover in the case of low demand on account request your login detail can be send within couple of hours

No, currently there is no upgrade but, only growth plan

  • No, you can only have one account registered under your full name and email address.
YES, EA is allowed because we have manual and automated softwere to manage our risk exposure we allow all trading strategy.

No, because its a profit split as agreed on the account model we make sure traders get all they deserve profit made on his/her account.

We currently have MT4 and MT5, we working on offering more platform you soon

We have multiple payment method available to pay easily, this help smooth traders path, kindly contact our costumer support, inform them about what you prefer to make payment and they will be glad to assist you on how to make secure pay


ECO understand the risk involve when it comes to trading big account as a beginner in the forex industry, for this reason we have only 2 account size on the startup model.


  1. 5K ( 5,OOO)
  2. 10K (10,000)

NO, just pay and trade without a deadline, 100% peace of mind.

The maximum lot size allows per asset is 0.50 lot suppose you take a trade with 0.50 lot on EURUSD that means you have exceeded the lot size limit on EURUSD and you are not allowed to take any other trade on EURUSD till the open position is closed, moreover another asset can be trade with same rules kindly visit the trading rules page to learn more

1:30 leverage is what the risk management team have set up for this account type to minimize our risk exposure.

5% is the minimum profit target, this is because withdrawals are in the block of 5%. example: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35% and so on kindly refer to the trading rules to Learn more

Startup account has 50/50 profit sharing that means trader take 50% of the total made profit on the trading account

This account doesn't have any withdrawal date, this means you can request for withdrawal as soon as you hit your profit target of 5%.

With the start-up account, we give you the opportunity to grow your account up to 50k max with every 10% return that you make on the account, we will double your account.

One Time fee

This account doesn't have any profit target, which means you can withdraw whatever you j on the account even if it's $10, yea you get that is right. 🙂

because we want to invest in traders with trading ambition we split the profit 20% for the trader and 50% for the company

the 30% will be deposit into Eco brokerage account, again we invest in traders success, we always think about traders future, the team had a meeting and plan about how to give traders a backup account, incases the trader violate the rules on the funded account he/she can still be in the trading business.

Again the real account is a backup for the trader, and the trader can have the following benefits:

1. you can withdraw 100% of any profit made

2. there is no time to withdraw, you can withdraw any time that you want

3. bach back on every 1 lot trade for 30 days

  • you can qualify for 50%. profit-sharing simply by this 2 following;
  • withdraw 3 time with the profit of 5% each like the following;
  1. 5% withdraw
  2. 5% withdraw
  3. 5% withdraw
  • having minimum of the following in the Eco real account;
  1. 25k account = $1,250
  2. 50k account = $2,500
  3. 100k account = $5,000
  4. 300k account = $15,000

You can track the progress in your dashboard

proving consistency will qualify you to become an Eco First-Class Trader, you can track the status of your qualification in your dash dashboard

No, simply pay for the account, trade and make some profit. 100% peace of mind.

There is no targeted profit percentage to this, all we expect from you is trade to make profit.

We have 25k, 50k, 100k and 300k to choose from in this type of account.

The risk management team has set for traders 1:50 leverage on trades.

Monthly Fee

Yes, simply subscribe and trade

5% is the profit target to withdraw

Eco is not like those funding company whose business model is to make money from traders, Eco capital give trader flexibility to protect their profit, that is the reason why we have the Profit Protection features,

  • The Profit Protection is guaranteed that your profit is saved, the profit protection covers you in these two ways:
  1. profit protection can save your profit till you able to renew. the subscription and continue trading with the profit
  2. profit protection take your profit make and deposit it into eco real account incase you cant renew

You will have a 60% split on all your profit withdrawals.

One Time Challenge

Yes, as soon as you hit the 5% profit target on your challenge account you get funded account

Just like it sound, ONE TIME challenge, pass only one challeng and get funded

Yes, pay only once and get started

As soon as you pass the challenge we will email you a contract agreement to fill, which can be done in 1 minutes

no, you get funded account directly as as you pass the challenge

5% profit target,

this means there is no time for you to pass the challenge, you can take your time and trade till you make the profit target, this gives you peace of mind to actually trade your strategy.

this is an add-on feature that prevents your account from violating the daily and the max loss limit after passing the challenge to activate this you have to send a request to the support and you will receive an email to sign the agreement.

Eco First Class

  • this account is the first Eco account model that was introduced, and it beat all the funded companies you know, but this time it's even BIGGER,
  • with this account, you get direct market info and fundamental analysis and one on one live trading section with the CEO, also you have access to visit the Eco trading floor whenever you want.

You have to be an existing Eco trader to qualify for this account model, however, you can also request for this account model by filling a form or request a call back for the CEO to interview your ability.

  • The account fee is 2% of the account size, its only new traders who want to go directly to be funded who are not assisting Eco traders will pay this fee, the fee will be a share of the risk which will make the trader give out his best without gamble on the account,
  • existing Eco traders will also pay a little or no fee for this account if they prove consistent on the other account they have

Yes, this account is a 100% NO profit target, you can withdraw any profit you make even if its $10

This account model is only one broker, Which is ECO broker you cant trade on any other broker

this account withdrawal date is exactly 30 day from the day that you took the account

This account have a leverage of 1:500

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