Eco Capital FX, competitive edge is our pioneering workplace culture that relies on truthful and transparent communication to ensure the best ideas win out. We believe meaningful work and meaningful relationship emerge when you assemble high performing team and push them to engage in rigorous and thoughtful inquiry.

We are champion diversity, because it is essential to our ability to think differently. We cultivate inclusion because we believe people do best when they can be their genuine selves.by continually examining abilities and performance, we provide all our employees with the development they need to fulfil their potential as professionals and as people.


Founder and CEO Elvis Norku built Eco Capital Fx using a principled -based system approach, applying standards ways to deal with situations that occur over and over. With the goal of creating an idea, Elvis wrote a set of principles that became the framework for the firm’s management philosophy. Chief among them is employing radical truth and radical transparency, encouraging open and honest dialogue and allowing the best thinking to prevai9l and raise the company to its highest pick.

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    Mission Statement

    Eco Capital is focused on understanding how the world works, by having the deepest possible understanding of the global economy and financial market and translating that into great portfolio and meaningful relationship with institutional client. we have built a track record of successfully providing easy funding model to over 1000 traders all over the world and giving them the right tools and education for them to achieve success in the financial market. We have done this over the period of time by having great people operating in the culture of radical truthfulness and radical transparency, the business was started with simple ethos; to help traders with less funds but with a genuine interest in the financial market to trade on us that fundamental believe remain. The heart of everything we do at Eco Capital Fx and staying true to that has been pivotal to our success.

    Vission Statement

    “ Our goal is to constantly the most superior and unrivalled trading experience for our clients all over the world and community where all our traders have whatever they need as one big family”.

    Elvis Norku Founder and CEO

    Service Values

    Our vision- meaningful work and meaningful relationship, delivering an unapparelled experience to our clients, help maintain a loyal trading community contributing towards optimal return for our shareholders, investors and traders. increasing long -term value for the business as well as offering competitive pricing, products and product of trading capabilities that we know our clients desire, we continue to strive to ensure that our clients see us, as the most trusted and recommended providers in the industry through excellence in clients’ service.

    Eco Capital Fx continue to place the utmost importance on client service and the continuous delivery of an unrivalled experience to our clients through our behaviour, image product, product innovation and internal culture, easy funding, investors relationship, reliable education programmes and tools to accelerate clients to most with our service. With this client’s centric vision at the core of our business we continue to strive to ensure that Eco Capital Fx will become the brand of choice in all of the global markets.


    We are Eco Capital Fx founded by an institutional head trader Elvis Norku together with his team members Deepanshu Sahani. Elvis continues to pursuit his goal by helping traders through a strategic way of connecting investors and traders together with tools to help each other become profitable in the financial market.

    We are a community of independent thinkers who share a commitment for excellence by fostering a culture of openness, transparency and inclusion. We strive to unlock the most complex trading and investment strategy management and corperate culture.


    Eco Capital Fx is a premier propriety traders and Asset management firm focused on delivering unique insight tools founding partnership and meaningful relationship to the most sophisticated global institution retail trades and investors.

    Our trading and investment goal is driven by tireless pursuit to understand how the world's financial market and economics works using cutting edge strategy and technology to validate and execute on timeless and universal principals.


    A Top Strategic Priority

    Our values-meaningful works and meaningful relationship, independent thinking and creating environment where the best idea will naturally lead to embrace diversity and treasure our differences.
    Our mission is to have the deepest possible understanding of the global economic in the markets, we seek to find, retain and grow the best talent across Gender Identity, race, gained experiences and unlocking the power of that diversity, required an inclusive environment.

    We believe that, when people are truly included on the mission, they think more deeply about the best answers and push harder on the toughest problems in pursuit of the vision.
    Eco Capital Fx founder and CEO Elvis Norku has created a dedicated diversity and inclusive team reporting directly to the CEO. Several groups to empower our diverse communities to continue making Eco Capital Fx a vibrant inclusive community.

    Strategy Framework

    During 2019, changes to industry and market conditions have led to strategic initiative being revisited, this has resulted in a force on three core initiatives which the group believe will continue to unlock future value, and also continuing to support diversification through the use of our strategic manual system and technology.

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